Use this collection of downloadable/printable .pdf forms, quick questions and answers, and other writerly miscellany to make your work as a writer easier and more productive.

Printable Forms

Writer’s Goal Planning Sheet (.pdf) and (.rtf)
A simple worksheet to help you organize your thoughts and plans for upcoming and ongoing projects.

Setting Details Reference Sheet
This downloadable, printable setting details sheet lets you concentrate on the details of each location in your story, providing a quick reference anytime your characters are in that place and you need a shot of detail or description.

Plot Planner Worksheet
This brief, printable plot planning worksheet kindly provided by NaNoWriMo winner M.S. Beltran can be used to sketch out your story/novel idea at a glance, or to clarify your story’s structure during rewrites and editing.

Scene List Worksheet
This one-page, printable scene list worksheet can be used when planning your story, or later during rewrites and editing.

Character Builder
We’ve rolled our two old sheets into one, and added an appendix listing lots of things to think about when building your characters. Get to know your characters on an intimate basis with this handy printable character information sheet.

World Builder
Whether your story takes place in the here and now or the there and then, this form will help you develop a realistic setting. Perfect for Science Fiction or Fantasy projects.

Critique form
Print out this form to assist someone else who’s taking a look at your work, or use it as a self-editing tool for evaluating your own manuscript.

Submission Record Sheet
Keep track of submissions with this printable manuscript tracking form.

[Download a .zip file of all forms]

Brush up on your writerspeak with our glossary of writing and publishing terms.

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