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The Fiction Writer:
Get Published, Write Now!

by Nina Munteanu

Almost every aspiring (and successful!) writer has a few volumes of writing advice that he or she feels are indispensable–books we return to, re-read, and use as guideposts on our writing journey. Munteanu’s wonderful book might find that kind of home on your own bookshelf.

Beginning writers especially will find The Fiction Writer a resource for every step on the road to writing–from defining genre to writing a great beginning; from outlining and plotting to preparing the perfect submission package. It really is an A-to-Z of fiction writing, starting with the chapter “Alien Architecture: Building from Scenes to Worlds” and hitting every letter of the alphabet right through to “The Zen of Passionate Writing.” Munteanu includes examples and lessons from her own writing career, which serve to emphasize the practical value of her advice.

Although the book covers a lot of ground, there’s no “scattershot” feel to the advice. It’s practical and grounded, and liberally seasoned with constructive exercises and helpful lists and tables, such as “The Hero’s Journey Map” (complete with an explanation of three-act structure), “Ten Ways To Revise Your Story,” common sentence structure and grammar errors.

Despite the fact that readers may know Nina Munteanu as a speculative fiction writer (Darwin’s Paradox, Angel of Chaos), the vast majority of the advice and information in The Fiction Writer applies equally to writers in any fiction genres. Good writing is good writing, and Munteanu has worked hard to provide a guidebook that shows exactly how to achieve that result. Highly recommended!

reviewed by Sherry

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SF Girl said on 20-05-2011

LOL! Did it? Well, we are all in one family here, aren’t we?… hehe… Happy writing, Sherry! Great site, by the way… Looking forward to seeing you again at Hal-Con this fall…
Vanessa said on 25-04-2011

The Fiction Writer Get Published Now, Write Now! Is quintessentially the back bone and solid foundation that any student, beginner or established writer needs first ranking resource guide. Beautifully written, well thought out structure, with humor enables one to navigate through what can be a very intimidating process in the journey of getting started. She speaks from very personal experience, so immediately the reader makes a connection to the processes and journey of writing, not all authors have this gift – that is a talent. It is as if she is speaking directly to the person. Nina Munteanu, has that unique and engaging teaching style that invokes the reader to feel empowered, engaged, and moves them into action in a very positive way. I highly recommend this wonderful book and others she has to offer. She certainly got me moving into the right direction. For I now have the confidence to journal and post. Vanessa
SF Girl said on 25-04-2011

Thanks for the awesome review, Sherry! I sure enjoyed writing this guide. I wish I had something like it when I was starting out… How about that chapter on R for Rejection, eh? I even showed examples of my own rejection letters in it! LOL! Thanks again!

Best Wishes,
sdramsey said on 26-04-2011

It was a great read, Nina. And that rejection letter from Challenging Destiny looked very familiar to me… ;)

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