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Scriptorium Writer’s Store

The Two-Week Short Story
E-mail course
Do you have trouble planning, starting, or finishing short stories? Does it seem to take forever to get to the end of that first draft–if ever? If so, this two-week, eight-session email course is for you. Designed to help you plan and write solid first draft stories in just two weeks…[read more]

Short Story Workshop For One
E-mail course
You’ve made it through that first short story draft…but you know it’s going to take a lot more work to turn that draft into a saleable manuscript. What you really need is a workshop experience…but time, money or other considerations won’t allow for that right now. The Short Story Workshop for One course is the answer…[read more]


HollyShop for Writers (Holly Lisle)

HTTS Lesson 01: How to Break the Four THINKING Barriers to Your Writing Success
HTTS Direct: Lesson 01

How to Break the Four Thinking Barriers to Your Writing Success

LESSON DESCRIPTION: Learn to get good words on the blank page quickly and easily, even when you had no idea what to write about; expand those words into more and better ideas; problem-solve story issues; and beat the root causes of procrastination, perfectionism, making excuses instead of writing, and writing with half your brain instead of all of it.

$4.99 Available from Holly’s site in PDF, Kindle, and ePub format (one purchase covers all formats). [learn more]

HTTS Lesson 02: How to Discover Your Writing
HTTS Direct: Lesson 02

How To Discover Your Writing “Sweet Spot”

One technique: Discover what your Muse is passionate as opposed to what you think you should write, so you can build your career only writing books you love.

$4.99 Available from Holly’s site in PDF, Kindle, and ePub format (one purchase covers all formats). [learn more]


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