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These creative writing exercises are called freewriting exercises. Freewriting means taking an idea and quickly writing about it for a short time (usually 5-15 minutes). Don’t stop to think, plan, correct mistakes, or worry about what you are writing. Just write!

You can’t make any mistakes here. Whatever you think of, whatever you write about, is right for you. So get writing and have fun! And don’t forget to send us the results for our Readers Write! page!

Write a story that begins, “When the worst happened, I was the only one who saw it coming.”

Write a story or poem called “Indelible.”

Write a scene in which a treasure is found and then lost again.

For more writing ideas, you can also check out Readers Write which offers new writing topic suggestions every month.

We’d love to see the results of any of these creative writing exercises for use in our “Reader’s Write” Department. Email us with your writing and see your words here!

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