YW Readers’ Write

This section features writings by our readers. Topic suggestions for this issue are “The Car” and “Broken and Mended”. You can also send us something you’ve written from the creativity exercises, or anything else you’d like.

Make sure your writing isn’t more than about 300 words long, and then just email it to sherry@thescriptorium.net, and put the words “Readers Write!” in the subject line. We can’t wait to read your submissions, so get busy and send them in!

by Carly Breault (age 16)

Her bare eyes count (her ligaments a river)
Contracting in minute
Catch-phrases of rhythm
Bouncing, prancing, free (golden sparks shimmy in her vivid eyes)
In corners of empty squares
Resonance is poetry

Unchained fingers
Burn the books of music
Counterfeit, held fast

Tips of fingers on fire
A stream, a burst
Of golden praise
In the depths of her

Unleashing a portrait, a painting
Upon eagles wings

Her naked eyes count
Her bones tremor

Reliving, unbound
Savouring the joy He brings
Running along the keys to open new doors like the oceans tide rushes to shore

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